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Skirts & Shorts

Shop your new skirt online at Levete Room

Skirts are a classic in most wardrobes, and it is therefore a perfect shift from the everyday pair of pants. At Levete Room, skirts are always a part of our collections, and every season you can find new, beautiful designs. The selection is wide and carefully chosen, and you can explore our selection of skirts on this site. You have a great opportunity to find exactly the skirt that suits you. Enjoy your shopping at Leveté Room.

How to style your skirt

A skirt from Leveté Room can be used for many occasions. Style the skirt with a pair of stilettos, sporty sneakers, or a pair of cool boots to create the look you prefer. Pair your feminine skirt with a chunky knitwear for a contrasting and cool look, or with a classic shirt for a sophisticated look.

At Leveté Room we have something for everyone, whether you prefer a festive, feminine, classic, or ever day look. You can find inspiration on how to style your new items from Leveté Room in our newsletters and on Instagram. You can explore our news and find exactly the style that you want to match your skirt with.