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Leveté Room Dresses

On our official Leveté Room webshop you’ll find a wide selection of dresses fit for all occasions. Our range covers both day, night, every day, or festive occasions and in many different qualities and shapes. Feminine wrap dresses, long maxi dresses, casual ready to wear dresses and elegant dresses.

Summer dresses, dressy dresses, and casual dresses

All Leveté Room collections offer a wide selection of dresses in a variety of shapes, lengths, and qualities. Summer is perfect for dresses and our seasonal selection of light dresses are wide. Check our selection of wrap-dresses, slip-on dresses, short dresses, and maxi dresses. For a night out, the little black dress is a preferred choice – our look is minimalistic and simple. For everyday use our range covers medium-length shirt dresses, loose dresses, or more feminine printed dresses